Automotive wiring is a specialized field within the industry that requires in-depth knowledge of 12v and 24v systems as well as OEM design and functionality. Modern car electronic are getting increasingly complex and harder to repair and diagnose. We use our knowledge and training to help will all kinds of automotive wiring repairs or custom applications. From wire harness repair and complete custom wire harness builds to connector replacement and refurbish.

As cars age the wiring and electronics do not always hold up to the heat, vibrations and chemicals they are often exposed to during their lifetime. We specialize in addressing any of these concerns that may arise. No problem is to big to handle. Our extensive knowledge and wiring harness database allows us to bring wiring systems back to their original and new condition.

Wiring repair requires more than just an ability to patch a couple wires. Many specialty tools and methods are used to replicate and repair the many types or wiring systems for both OEM and aftermarket wire harnesses. In depth knowledge is vital to a properly working and long lasting repair or reproduction of any type of automotive wiring.