Custom Wiring Solutions

There are numerous reasons for creating custom wiring any number of applications. Here are just a few of the services we can offer for the automotive aftermarket world.

  • Complete custom wire harness for classic cars, hotrods, and motorsports applications.
  • Clean-up and beatification of existing wiring.
  • Aftermarket accessory wiring and integration into OEM applications
  • Simplified relay and switch centers
  • Engine swap wiring integration
  • Battery cables and power distribution
  • Ground cables and grounding straps
  • Repair of existing wiring harness
  • Wire harness shortening or lengthening

Our custom application services are available locally in AZ for larger jobs. We are capable of creating or replicating various other wire harness applications remotely and ship them directly to you. Our quick and easy repair and return service is available for any concern as long as the wiring harness can be sent in with specs of the modifications needed.