OEM Wiring Repair Solutions

OEM wiring comes in many different styles which can vary between manufactures. Most wiring harness assemblies are complex and expensive to replace. Often time wire harnesses are not available from the the manufacture or have been discontinued. This can pose many problems for both mechanical and accident damage concerns. We are here to help in many different ways, here are just a few.

  • OEM Engine wire harness repair
  • OEM Body wire harness repair
  • Accident damage repair
  • Burn or heat damage repair
  • Rodent damage repair
  • Damage connector and terminal replacement
  • Obsolete wire harness repair
  • Obsolete wire harness replication
  • Section damage repair
  • Ageing harness restoration
  • Wiring re-looming
  • OEM fuse block repair or replacement
  • Corrosion damage repair
  • Battery cable reproduction

All our services can be handled with out quick and easy repair and return services. We offer quick turn around times to get your vehicle back up and running. No job is too big or small.